In the year 1979, a company was instituted, which was to grow to such gigantic proportion in just 7 years, to become one of the top five cargo agencies in India. Today, with branches in eleven cities of India – Mumbai, Delhi, Bangalore, Rajkot, Amdavad, Madras, Cochin, Pune, Vadodra ,Trivandrum and Hyderabad – Airlift (India) Private Limited , manages ,conduts and handles every year 33,000 tonnes of cargo in exports & forwards 1500 tonnes in imports.

Since its inception in 1980, Airlift (India) Private Limited has constantly grown by leaps and bounds to justify its present high status and the esteem it commands on the National and International fronts.

Presently, Airlift (India) Private Limited in India has 1400 sq. ft. For its warehousing facilities showing maximum utilization and yet , more that 50% of its cargo moves directly from supplier to airline warehouses.

At one glance, the following features, so characteristic of good management, stand out on the Airlift premises.

• A highly efficient staff of over 200 persons.
• 2000 turnover – over 700 Millions in INR.
• A highly qualified team of personnel on the research sales and operations panel.
• A network of professional receiving and handling agent.
• Ancillary services of Consultancy + Distribution cost analysis.
• A decent communications network, providing immediate access to detailed shipment date and appropriate rates throughout the world.
• A computerized accounting and marketing system.