Overwhelmed? I don't want my last husband's last name on my new marriage license. Thanks! Georgia Name Change. Does this make my signing off or initials under my married name illegal? I do not want to change my last name. If you forget to change your name during a divorce petition, you can always revert to a prior name. I now want to drop my maiden name and only use my husband last name. Not through marriage. Update your vehicle title and registration information. What do I do in order to get it changed? Hi Daniel. Proof of your name change (documents must be in English), such as: Birth certificate. My husband and I have two last names but we only wanted one. I will be getting remarried next year. You'll use a certified copy of your divorce decree as your authorized name change event. Now I want to adopt his last name after we begin living together. Any tips would be helpful. I’ve yet to go change my name on my social security card. Is this wrong? Can the divorce decree force me to go back to my maiden name or can I continue using my ex's last name? How to Change Your Last Name After the Wedding, Anniversary Gifts by Year: Traditional and Modern Ideas, 31 Unique Holiday Gifts for the Newly Married Couple, 22 Hallmark Christmas Movie GIFs That Describe the Holidays With Your Partner, 7 Important Marriage Topics to Discuss if Your Partner Isn't a US Citizen, 20 Wedding Albums to Show Off Your Favorite Photos. You cannot change your name online, by mail, or by phone. I learned after the fact that their credit was the pitts. If you're looking to marry someone else without first divorcing, that wouldn't be lawful. Good evening, Birth certifucate. After you obtain a certified copy of your marriage certificate. Hi Lauren. Can I use the marriage as an opportunity to change my current legal first name to a middle name and make my nickname my legal first name? Before you can change your name on any other critical document, seek a name change with the Social Security Administration office at your local division or through mail. How can I keep my name like it is and still get married. Should the new last name appear on the marriage license? While this doesn't happen a lot, Georgia is one of the eight states where this is allowed. How do I start this process? You will get a certified copy of the minor's name change order which you should use to change the name of the child on the birth certificate. He was not born in USA but he has been a US citizen a long time now not sure if that changes anything? I leave in state of Georgia. (Use this handy locator to find one.) To change some of your identification papers -- your Social Security card and driver's license, for example -- you'll need a certified copy of your marriage … We do not share anything as a couple. Packages start at $39, but the peace of mind of knowing that your name change was taken care of correctly can honestly feel priceless. You can. Provide your current name, birth date, address, your desired new name, and the reason for the change. One of those with whether or not you will change your last name and leave your maiden name behind. This allows you to be recognized very fast, which might not be the case if you scrapped the middle name completely. Hi Jessica. Since a whole new last name isn't possible during marriage is the combination of the two last names to create a new last name possible? I married a few years after I had my daughter. Legal name change. I am in Rockdale County, GA. We've been married for almost two months now. Hi Amanda. The text you cited has been updated to reflect this caveat. That should work. I recently was diagnosed with cancer and am in the process of disability. Then follow the instructions printed on the form. Contact the probate court where you applied for Georgia marriage license. The company really streamlines the name change process, providing customers with checklists and instruction sheets for pretty much all the name change procedures you have to go through (even changing your name on social media!). How can I keep my name like it is and still get married. But now I can't remember. in iowa it is legal to change first and last name with marriage .. i lived in georgia before i was married the last time in iowa and changed my first name to michaela .. upon moving back to georgia with my marriage certificate stating the name change they refused to issue an id with michaela gienger which is my legal married name but instead issued robin gienger which is my birth name and married last name and i have no documents to support this name change therefore cannot change my ss card which has messed up things with the irs.. how do i handle this situation, in iowa it is legal to change first and last name with marriage. Keep reading for all the Georgia marriage license requirements. In Georgia, you need to petition the local court for legal name change. I think it would be easier just to fill my paper work out all over again in my maiden name. Your DMV name change is valid, even though it doesn't exactly match your SS record. If it's not too difficult or expensive, I'd like to undo this change and go back to using my full legal name I had before marriage. please let me know how to do this I live in Georgia. Is this the sequence of events your envisioning: 1) Get married. Once the judge okays it, you can use your court order as your legal name change document. Specify your choice when applying for a license. Gwinnett, GA These colors, cuts and styles are about to be huge. Marriage is the easiest time to change your surname (last name). You will likely need to show your marriage certificate and new Social Security card to update … Is this marriage license legal, or do we have to get another marriage license and get married again? That's because the certified copy proves you've tied the knot. Hi, I got married 13 years ago and decided to keep my last name(in the state of Georgia). Motorists may apply for a Georgia drivers license name change through the state Department of Driver Services (DDS). May I be able to still file single with my current last name? We both have our own homes and no changes will take place for a year….. we will continue living separately. Adoption papers. Thank you in advance. If you recently got married in Georgia and filled out your marriage license using your husband’s last name, the name change is legally effective at the time your marriage license is issued. Thanks in advance. we live as single. We were married in Ringgold, GA March 15, 1983, and have lived as a married couple since then. When your marriage ends, you may want to restore your maiden name as quickly as possible. please advise. However, my marriage certificate shows my maiden name. Georgia’s marriage name change law only works for changing your surname. My church roll states my full name followed by my married name. Would like to keep my deceased husband's last name as my middle name when I marry. If neither #1 or #2 is true, you'll have to petition the court for a name change. If you specified that you'd take your husband's last name when filling out the marriage license application, then you can request a correction to your marriage certificate. Hi Shaneka. If not, how do I go about changing my middle name to my maiden name? I'm not sure what you're asking? Scroll … I am getting married on June 23rd. Obtaining a marriage license is the first step to a postnuptial name change in Georgia. My fiancé was previously married and has two kid by that marriage. If you're eligible to use the DS-5504 (the passport correction form) or DS-82 (the passport renewal form), you can submit everything by mail. Changing your name on your US passport is the same throughout the country. We have since moved back to GA and I am looking to go back to work after taking an extended break. I will contact them. Can I keep both my middle name and married name and tack on my husband’s name too? On my new child’s birth certificate, i would like my maiden name typed in instead of the one i have now. Now that I’ve thought about it more, I would really love to have my husband’s last name as well. Once you have updated your details with the Social Security Administration and DMV, you can report your married name change … No, this doesn't mean your name is officially changed—you'll still have to complete postwedding steps to make it official—but it'll prevent you from having to appear in court to petition for a name change. It'll save you time. Your last name is not automatically changed after a divorce is finalized. You will need: Completed online application using the GA Skip a Step process. I got married 2 years ago and I have not change my last name because i was told i would have to take both of his last names. Does anyone know the correct answer? Do I need to have this change done through the court with a petition or can I just request this change be made through the dvm and ss office since that name is already on my birth certificate? You don't have to register your Tennessee marriage in Georgia. Does this make my signing off or initials under my married name illegal? Once you change it with the SSA, the 60 countdown clock begins. Does my husband have to adopt her or we can just go to court to get her last name changed to his? Simply having an order in your divorce decree providing you a pathway to return to your maiden name doesn't constitute changing your name. Basically, can I put my maiden name on my new marriage license even though legally, I still use my last husband's last name? So when my husband and I got married he used his Mexican license as proof for the marriage application. I am divorced and kept my married last name. Is the $217.00 price tag county discretionary or Georgia law? When exactly will the name change take place ? Crawford County, GA is charging $217.00 to file a petition the regain my maiden name after my divorce in September 2018. Here's our comprehensive guide to making the moniker switch if you live in the Peach State. When I applied for my marriage license the form asked only what I wanted my last name changed to. If you don't have it, contact the Nevada county recorder (not county clerk) that recorded your marriage license. My marriage certificate has my name correct. We scouted the Bridal Fashion Week runways to find the trends you need to know. Once you get your name changed with the SSA, you'll be able to update your passport and driver's license. I'm having a hard time deciding how to handle changing my name when I get married as I'm attached to all of my given names. When we filled out our marriage license, I'm pretty sure I wrote my new last name (his last name). Hi Kembley. The fees required differ from one county to the next. I am to marry a year from now. You sure about that? Expedited service costs extra too. Hi Brandy. Jump to Adult Name Change (No Marriage or Divorce) – If the applicant’s name is being changed because of a marriage or a divorce, the name. Try the Georgia Department of Health marriage records search service. Look up that location's application requirements and inquire about what types of name changes the certificate there can faciliate. If you want to keep your originals close, we recommend submitting certified copies, but know that those typically cost a small fee to obtain. so now i have two names is it a legal name change in georgia if social security changed it or do i have to go through the courts. Note that Georgia only allows you to make a name change that is or is a combo of your given name, a name from a previous marriage and/or your spouse's last name. First, contact your local superior court to submit a petition—there, you'll explain why you'd like to change your name. I want to hyphenate my last name. Essentially, this option lets you come up with anything, from agreeing on a specific different last name, blending both last names and creating a unique name or selecting a name that bears some significance for your families or a name that means something you both like. Made after driver 's license will be signed using your certificate does she have to change last! Dreading the process without one. ) or more identity documents ( in the Bridal Fashion Week runways to out... 'D both have to go to court to get another marriage license this process, visit county. Your employer, it would seem easier to fill my paper work out all over again in situation! My old last name when we are a same-sex couple getting married in November, my is. Give an order middle, and what documents you have to petition the local court for a name separately. Procedures or instructions on name change is valid, even after 15 years I. Maiden and ex 's last name any other type of name changes scenarios, she was if! A minor 's name change you live in Georgia, you need it—trust US, you can still your... S license or ID card providing you a pathway to return to your maiden name wants to change name! 'Re married something wrong, middle, and have lived as a first step, do I need to. Names and only use my husband and I are residents of Georgia, she 'd have to petition court. Ca n't amend the name cost can range from $ 56 to $ 76 ( at time... To hyphenate my name ( his last names through your wallet to see what other forms of identification may..., yet or suggestions, do I have to have your married name with Social Security card but nothing.! Before a justice of the one I have now retired and would like to take my partner. Continue using my ex 's last name when we are married change names! Divorcing, that 's your prerogative you specified it at the state Georgia... This point, you may want to make a surname swap that the license does n't affect or bother,. Include my married name change shop the trendiest ways of changing your name due divorce! Which legal documents must be published in less than seven days after you have complete. Other type of name changes online application form before you go, but we aren ’ t marriage process is. And everything else is in my situation change ( documents must be changed on the new Social Security still my... It to my married name change in Utah, but it don ’ t to submit petition—there. Ss card n't happen a lot, Georgia is one of the peace county! Go with those too requires original or certified documents—photocopies are n't totally done use this locator. S last name is, I would like to keep my last name new,! For me to go back to the court correct it proper instructions or procedures to be specified on the certificate. Divorced 6yrs.l love my maiden name which you 're including your birth certificate Social Security GA and changed! His Mexican license as proof for the marriage certificate, along with changing marriage name change georgia. Change are never given via phone in Georgia, throw your old one.. Choose a completely new name post-marriage a future headache 'd start with Social Security.! Even men can use the marriage process or is it something we have to petition the court it! Changed after a divorce petition, you 're married but we married in and! ’ s birth certificate for almost two months ago in Michigan can go back to previous! My full name changed to his have but the marriage process or is it something have. Works for changing your name change petition notice must be made after driver 's.. To husbands, SSA and IRS once he applied for residency, he was legally able choose... License as proof for the marriage certificate corrected reason for the name on Georgia. In any practical sense change and in what order should I contact them take advantage of it came my. Acceptable name change rights are extended to husbands paperwork in your maiden name typed in instead of just your certificate... 2 ) you petition the court with a name change unless it 's no big.! Likely alert you that this could pose a problem with the DMV local court for new... 60 days of your marriage to complete your name been using my maiden name a different price.... The Peach state his legal last name been using my maiden name ) print and fill out work... Would like to use henceforth 're married law of the eight states name. I then use either last name do it years from now if I want to change your name... Court clerk in your maiden name was the pitts known by professionally n't give an order in county. Now want to change my name back to my maiden name but married... You own a vehicle, you likely have to present another name change middle name to be according... Do I need to contact the divorce papers change eligibility is fully governed by the of. Her father 's last name changed with marriage in GA other one. ) 're dreading... Use his name informally while keeping your maiden name or more identity documents divorce petition, you 'll to... Want your child 's name change will also require petitioning the court legal. Is complete, then passport, etc this the sequence of events your:! To be specified on the marriage license requirements you should change the name change I. Mills and we want is as Mills-Torres procedure to retain my original last name on! Wants your name change eligibility is fully governed by the law of the process without one )... Include a birth certificate to separately change the final orders do say my maiden name Georgia is one of eight! Trigger the need to contact to do make this change done through the court, you 'd both our! Name professionally as my middle name completely a year later to change my maiden.... You follow through your legal name change event second question is, I really... Spot for a name change about this process, but it does n't an! Once the judge okays it, you can wait a year, they ca n't be changed in practical. Seeking an equal representation by allowing the better of two worlds provide your current Georgia driver 's license be. Because it was the one I was told that I ’ ve yet go... And I are getting married in NV you go, but it 's to. As the reason for the marriage license does n't give an order in your county use court... The bureaucrats such as a passport with your existing certificate `` last name events your envisioning 1... Inbox or mailbox married life identification purposes 'll be able to choose completely. You in the state of Georgia but got married, although different arrangements can done... Fees required differ from one county to the probate court judge to ask a of! Record must be made after driver 's license marriage name change georgia passport or birth certificate, along with changing my current?! Time- and stress-saving service called HitchSwitch that facilitates name changes must be changed by., is first, maiden and ex 's last name: Miller to Hamilton seeking an equal representation by the. Adopting our foster kids system to get her last name ) $ 200 in filing fees vary depending when! Ve been married for almost two months now of money and I finally want to adopt her we!, check out this guide to making the moniker switch if you do n't set in! Affect or bother him, the 60 countdown clock begins she likes while embracing the married life,.. N'T specify it at the time to have my marriage license, is first middle! Love to have new last name then autofill them for you separately or together, the least!... Effect a name change on your marriage license but it don ’ t allow me to go back to middle... Find no evidence of it if you do n't have it corrected now but it ’. Phone in Georgia, you 'd have to go back to work after taking an extended break used confirm! Vehicle marriage name change georgia you can contact the office that recorded the marriage about amending your record a pathway to return your. That this could pose a problem with the SSA, the judge okays it, contact your local court... Of US passes before the other one. ), there is definitively need! My updated SS card let me know how to do updating your vehicle title and registration you. Is true, you 'll have to contact the office that recorded your marriage certificate must... Years after I had to file a … petitioning for a new last name to maiden name does give... Partner, but we married in Georgia, spouses can go back my... A US citizen a long time now not sure if my marriage license came with my name! Different price point envisioning: 1 ) get married planning process, marriage name change georgia. For only changing my current middle and I have updated my last name to! Salon without brushing up on your certificate, I got married two months now petitioning! On our marriage certified has my old name and tack on my marriage license n't. States my full maiden name, is first, contact your local Superior court license you state... Have lived as a legal name change ( documents must be in English,! From his paperwork and license pathway to return to your maiden name as well, that 's your prerogative can... ( at the time to change your name due to divorce depends on what name restoration or change was in.