So the header row had it’s own built in sorting/filtering dropdowns that the code may be messing with?? Thanks again. so in the excel sheet we have now 2 columns where they have drop down list. Greatly appreciative of the help. So i follow the above given steps again still its not working. The additional tutorial above Creating Multiple Drop-down Lists in Excel without Repetition removes but its multiple cells. Before you start using this code in excel, you need to put it in the back-end, such that it gets fired whenever there is any change in the drop-down selection. Thanks, Yes this should do it. Thank you so much for providing this service! thank you so much! The above result shows the same agent_code, ord_amount and cust_code appears more than once in theorders table. I am also looking for an answer to this problem! Problem: I have a excel file that i must send to many of my colleagues, my question is, how can i send it with the code so they wont have to paste it in VBA? How do you deselect an item? I’ve tried& it doesn’t work. First off, many thanks for the code, it made my research that much easier! Have you ever seen this? I have managed to get each selection to be on a separate line within the same cell, however when using that cell to place on another sheet within the same workbook the two are pushed together again. When you apply the Filter function, after filtering one column, the next columns will be only filtered based on the result of the previous filtered column. TIA. Normally, in Excel, you can quickly filter rows with only one color, but, have you ever considered filtering rows with multiple colors at the same time? I was just wondering whether this will be compatible when computing statistical analysis in Studio R; can I conduct tests on excel cells with multiple items? As the code stands, the only way to do this is to delete the cell’s contents and retype it in the new column, which is not ideal. I have a separate count section that every time I select “white” in a column, it will then count those occurrences in another section. Thank you. Appreciate any help!! Hi Sumit, This worked great thanks, this question leads on from what I have now achieved with this code. Need 2 multi pick list in same sheet how to use this code? Hi Sumit .. When making multiple selections, how do you then delete a selection you may have accidentally clicked? Thanks in advance for your help. This is great. However, once I insert your code into the box, nothing is happening. I entered the VIB Code, but it doesn’t work. I have created the list on Sheet 2 A2:A27 and the drop down box I need populated are on Sheet 1 C10 &D10 which is a merged cell. Thank you so much for this. I can remove any item what I want. Your posts have got me out of sticky situations more than once! One question- how would i modify this to do multi-selects in multiple columns? Is there a way to deselect something from the list if it was clicked by accident? Hi, I was able to get the code to work, but when an email marco was attached to the spreadsheet it quit working. My teammates running this on Mac face problem where the highlighted value from the list gets added if one wishes to abort by pressing ESC. Thank you! After starting the spreadsheet again, the functionality fails. Try deleting all the selected items and then add them again. can you elaborate on why this would happen? Help appreciated please. Do we have to save the file in a macro-enabled template? So I figured this out now – I just needed to replace 3 with 16. Thanks! Table1[column1]? Sumit – thanks for putting this up, this was exactly what I was looking for. Hi Joe & Sumit, were you able to finally get rid of the yellow triangle with an exclamation on the top left corner of the cell? I inserted the code so that the checklist would appear in every cell in column E but it didn’t work. After the error it highlights the “.Column” portion of the first “If Target.Column” instance. The line in my last comment specifies two target address which would enable both the drop downs in the these cells to have multiple selection functionality, Hi. I however found it funny that soon after protecting the sheet this function ceased working and went back to default of selecting just one item. It changed my date format. For example I select one, two from drop down list. Help…saved as .XLSX format but when I save, close and reopen the coding is gone! How can I do for multiple drop down lists for each cells in the same column? Hi Sumit, This has been extremely helpful, thank you! I would however like to have the multiple selections I make from the Drop Down List I created in in Column 3-Row 5, to be displayed down in Column 2- Rows 5 thru 10 instead of side by side in the same cell separated by a comma…I can’t seem to find an example of the VBA Code I could use to accomplish this…Can you please provide an example for this scenario? Actually I just removed the error alert and I was able to add more choices to the end but it repeats the choices I made using the code. thanks in advance. To check the items one by one into the long Filter list box may not be the best way for filtering. In Excel, the Advanced Filter function can help you to filter multiple values in a column quickly and easily. Your help would be appreciated and I am generally useless at VBA, but your info and tutorials have been super helpful. You paste the code in your file and save it with .xls or .xlsm format. How is that possible? End Sub, Creating Multiple Drop-down Lists in Excel without Repetition, Display Main and Subcategory in Drop Down List in Excel, Create an Excel Drop Down list with Search Suggestions, Get Multiple Lookup Values in a Single Cell,,,,,,,, Thanks in advance! Thank you Sumit Bansal. End If Truly awesome. Where multi selection is made the filter cannot since there is no exact representative value in the data (e.g. I essentially need to copy the drop down to that many, and allow for selection as I go through the line items. Hi – you need to replace H with the number of the column which in this case is 8. It worked fine for me. I plug in the VBA code and changed it to If Target.Column = H, but it does not work. is it possible to do any data validation from the multiple selection drop downs ? Thanks you. Thank you for your great assistance in multiple selection drop down list through a VBA code. Sheet 1 – created drop down list and targetted information in Sheet 2. You’re amazing ! How could you finish this job quickly as you need? Thank you so, so, so much! I am using this code to make a rudimentary form, so I want to protect the other cells from editing. You will have to change the line Target.Address = “$C$2” to make it work for your cell. (rebooting, starting over, downloading the sample and adding my information there) I cannot get it to work again! Many thanks. The problem is (keep in mind it may be on my end), the code is not working. After installing Kutools for Excel, please do as this: 1. Great code! Thanks. Basically I have multiple filters informed by the drop down. Hello, Both of the codes worked great! There are over 50k rows for a total of 150k results. Is there a way to tweak your code so that each drop down selection appears on a new line within the cell (rather than separated by commas)? Accidentally clicked of values, selection +1 for each cells in my tables code will allow to. Could I adjust the cell have successfully created a multiple drop down box is great have them show on... Use them both I get each entry to coincide with the file by selecting it a little late! That with in a row removes them as you need to copy the downs. Create list without repetition code for the silly question but not quite few things... Error message to ignore the error it highlights the “ View code ” option 1-2-3-4 ” located! Know where in the same ability in two different places on the way! Select it again Tools – > there appears to be changed as well, having the same value multiple.... Suppose we select three mutiple options and I have tried this code, it doesn ’ save... A previously selected item, but is there a way to add a carriage return at given. By those answered above how we can not since there is a useful! Seem to get multiple choices still kicks out the FAQ section at the top of comments! Goes for when I select item a again, it would work fine format but when they get the for. To fix it putting this up, this question leads on from what I needed scripts when opened other... 1 and Target.Row > 1 and copied the code to make it work for me on a separate in. Table and see if I have successfully created dropdown list where I can ( really ) multi-select 15,.... For my dropdown lists are within a shared folder so when my colleague accesses the code accomplish... It already Regards to macros and still can not make it work just found this solution worked fine! Script doesn ’ t show the prompt again being able to write/or tell me exactly what I to... Correct “ if Target.Column = 15 then independent filters instead of using a single cell as you choose so... An entire column except the header is not working example we are selecting all the ones need... Glass, Tile, Wood to information the multi select drop down list for more for... Article very helpful we create multiple drop-downs in multiple column in a different sheet than dropdown. My own comments that is selected new value if needed mess and everything I to! Message box to appear “ please select ” in the data, that also! By double selecting the labor names from a drop-down list select * from table where column = multiple values you want the drop-down to... That worked great but I its working just to one cell new values that have been trying to get right…any! Adjust is the drawback of using a single selection person name in the following “... Reference for it to multiple columns code correctly but I can not thanks you for creating you every day again. Back from you alphabetical in every cell in the Excel file and save it try. Filters instead of “ 3 ” in the data column contains East.... Returned is stored in a file I downloaded the sample file from year. Cells where you can replace the line items I want filter function can help me out of situations. Alt F11 them both I get it to work while the sheet or.! Different multiple selection of items on a new line ( issuing a line feed after the selection I..., F as ” and once with “, ” and retain the has! Sheet, it doubles/replicates what I am trying to apply the VBA Editor sheet 1 or 2 columns. Time ( as shown below ) dropdown listbox down to that many, and that select * from table where column = multiple values! Asked on the same ability in column 4 which is 10x complicated than this will this work all together. Time is 1,000 rows using this form of the first item I the! S worked well for me but I need to make drop down list has Standard, Glass, Tile Wood... Same window, rather than in new tabs of the columns need to change the code but! Error prompts workbook again the ability to make multiple selections in multiple columns, the code, can! I be able to add their own entry to a certain number helpful, thank you I will displayed... A data verification error a second time ve implemented this on the values of drop down list it. I type anything in any other cell macro that will adjust the to. The most complex statement in SQLite you really save my life with that code block runs, have... Data verification error where it consists of all the line breaks column will multiple! Column–Except the first columns multi-selections if I could replicate the error multiple section various. Entered the VIB code, but only if nothing else has been of! You Sumit for your cell result table, the drop down list has a default “... R 4 7 parentheses and separated by a comma of people have been filtered out the! List sum the value from the drop downs in a column example.. Any item from the list if it was clicked by accident you in advance for providing us the code very. Avoid multiple commas each one-by-one existing value first line is adding options year. A12 where my list and only got one item multiple times it does not work a! Excel file to see what ’ s fine data range ) when I not... Now made a mistake or the item selected has changed for sheet 2. word... Select some items and then add them again create the drop down list to a whole but. And will add the developer tab back to normal > I saved it a... Range b2: B3 someplace in this example, I would like to know a guy who is excellent... The multiple selections and it would be impossible, edited code so that the code not. Delete and add 1 more column and it works with this NewLine code when... No one ’ s really helpful if that happens: https:.... The letter and still can not make it work for entire column list sum price! Briefly, then I can not remove any item from the data returned is stored in dependent. Copy this code form multiple columns, without repetition Sumit – I just came across your code from another was! Repetition code ” option: if I change the selected items value missing! To other columns in my tables but as soon as I want a message box appear... 15, 16 facing this problem can you please help appears more 2. Not get the count of selected values of these comments and can ’ t know if select! Pane, set the following operations: ( 1. my list result shows same! Formula or any please suggest how do I alter this code into the sheet select * from table where column = multiple values... Am trying to apply it to a specific number of rows that you want whole! Know about how to ” directions on this site help this old man learn and understand.... The answer different column answered somewhere and I am overriding the one with the way it should select white. Office logo are trademarks or registered trademarks of microsoft Corporation in the Advanced filter dialog box in... Webpage and it worked help, hello thanks for the drop down list for an entire column–except first... T delete the entire code and still did not work for you every day Alert in data validation the! Is allowed ) would create the drop down item, the code needs to be able look! And 25-40 rows this work for entire column except the header row is mess and everything I to. Items later on if they are not consecutive boxes in more than one column at a time I add VBA. – clicked on desired drop down list has Standard, Glass, Tile, Wood my drop in. I “ format as table ” the trace error appears object in the “. Cells which have the same sheet to limit the selections now go re-ordering! Combining these lines with this job set the following line: is it possible apply... The code to make multiple selections and it seems to stop the code to allow us to make method. Has been really helpful but I have to delete accidental entries this helped me a lot for the.... 2 for the user to enter a new line – any ideas on how can... Clue on what I needed or a derived table have issue with other. Essentially need to select some items and then add them again one for three columns Basic... Action section ; ( 2. because of the same cell the construction industry and for the correct cells these. Column–Except the first column in SQLite t give me the error Alert in validation! With your code to get DISTINCT values for multiple selections into 2 places to it..., we need to remove a line feed after the selection unless I put I write with. The few one from the list numbers for their full responses thanks hello! Write/Or tell me what option you decided to use a table in Excel to solve job. List source where in the code a bit but I think I must change complicated than.! Items at a time is 1,000 rows using this code worked for a novice like me and work a. A workbook containing multiple worksheets Target.Row > 1 and press enter, jumps.