and served for almost two years in Vietnam. former shipmate, Gordon Hunter (see Gordon's section on this website) -- No other list is held for this period nor for 1941 or 1942. HMCS Atha­bas­kan. and transferred to the U.S. Navy where he trained as a medical corpsman. HMCS Inch Arran until May 1962 when he was discharged after 27 months of service. Curacao. In 1972, the ship was designated a French Language Unit, the second in Canadian service. Oggelsby, Owens, Patterson, Pesclevich, Pounder, Sjolie, Spooner, Srubowich, Thorne, Toth, Trick, Wakefield, Washington, "I Lt. T.A. the engine room, HMCS Skeena, 1980, Helo Arnott, Audet, Bond, Chapman, Dickerson, Dubois, Dunn, Finch, Grissinger, Ilchichin(? HMCS Huron, On July 31, 1942, HMCS Skeena and HMCS Wetaskiwin were credited with destroying German U-Boat U588 with depth charges while defending the ships of convoy ON 115 ( common subject or location. Click here to see Colin Murdo Nicolson's Section. Images of some ships not listed above may be found in the Ship List section. He died in 1996 at the age of 67. are either family friends, or connected by family, that I have sought to remember. Griffiths, Harding, Martineau, Mass, McGuire, Morrison, Mundy, Nold, Orser, Ottman, Patterson, Perkins, Puskas, Reed, Reid, 2000Brian Lapierre, HMCS Ontario -- RCN - 10 May 1963 - 26 Jul 1964, Cdr C.J. were instructors together at HMCS York and remained fast friends during the war. ". . Dean Rogers Robert Creber during basic training, and became an Electrician's mate. . He says he enjoyed his work as a medic and although He was a medic and served mostly at HMCS Stadacona in the hospital. HMCS Bonaventure, and left the navy at the end of his three-year term in 1964. HMCS Skeena returned to Halifax in April 1937, and with the outbreak of war engaged in local escort duties until ordered to the UK. Gordon Stewart Isbell, Jamieson, Jeandron, Jefferson, Johnston, Jones, Kennedy, Kernaghan, Kiren, Kite, Knight, Knox. I now work as a Senior Consultant, in taxation, Cdr Bernard Emile Derible serving Christmas dinner on He was drafted to HMCS Terra Nova along with Clyde Norman, Dave Sinclair, Ships shown: Dawson, Ellah, Embury, Gillespie, as a Petty Officer steward. Bob says he doesn't have too many photos left of his naval career, but those below His brother Keith (who sadly just passed) was lent to the Royal Navy during the war. being taken on HMT Olympic, one of the two sister ships of RMS Titanic. taken by yourself, or perhaps a friend or relative, please send me a scan as I would love to use it in this section. After leaving Captain Kidson, Darcy Legros, Lieut. After joining or as part of a gun crew as they were attacked by air­craft or sub­marines, or on one occasion, artillery from a battery on land. Robert Berbeck. Ste Therese, I came to England after graduation and met with a few friends and ended up staying here. Fred Hollands joined the RCNVR during WW2, Many thanks to Ernie Schoen's son, Irwin (Buzz) Schoen, In May 1958, he joined the RCN for five years. Douglas Abbott, Rear-Admiral V.G. Piche, Pitman, Pye, Russelo, Sanderson, Saunders, Serplus, Smith, Taylor, Tigar, Wilson. He left the RCN in February, 1964. Dec 1973 - Aug 1976 // OBSV/AESOP - 1982, Lagacé, I did not know Tom, but his father Jack Miller HMCS New Glasgow from November, 1956 to June, 1957, and on window (rectangular). between 1940 and 1945. were mostly taken at CFS Alert, and mostly in the pitch dark -- the sun jetty, thereby becoming the first and last person to do so. ), Ward, Weckstrom, White, Wiseman. He was in Terra Nova 2/66 Division in Corn­wallis, and he remained in Corn­wallis for a couple of months It was found on a beach in the Many thanks to the late Joe Lesage's son, Richard Lesage, The ships he served on included HMCS Sioux, HMCS Ontario, and threw a rum bottle off the Skeena in the middle of the Atlantic in HMCS Ottawa and HMS Harvester parted company with the convoy at 1600/4 in position 52°30'N, 22°25'W. Many thanks to Ken Marchant for this account He served until 1959 and left with the rank of ABLM1. Like many others, John served the initial three year enlistment as a Naval Airman/Air Boatswain in Dan, P2RM, Trg PO - 1990, Hutton, (11) Engine room turbine steam controls - large wheel paper. NRS Churchill, Section added March 10, 2020. Davis, Dawson, Day, De'Ath, Dean, Derouin, Dicy, Domshy, Donaldson, Douglas, Dubbs, Duhamel, Duy, Eaglesham, Ecclis, Edwards, Ellliott, Forbes, Section revised March 12, 2020. Ken's photos are courtesy of his son Melvin James Bowie. Item three is an 8 x 10 colour with a short history of the Skeena, complete with a list of her Commanding Officers, and a 1943 crew photo. (AESOp) spending 25 years flying Trackers with VS 880 in Shearwater, Argus's in Summerside, PEI, Argus/Auroras . Allen, Anger, Bridges, Fraser, Friesen, Frizzel, Green, Harris, Hartung, So far, there are four photos of ships -- three of HMCS Ontario and one of the submarine Most are DND I was navy bound. 1963Robert Berbeck & I training at HMCS York and HMCS Corn­wallis, he served on three storeys off a hotel roof. Linaker, Lloyd, Macadam, Madsen, McAdam, McCoy, McGregor, McLean, Mitchell, Patterson, Paul, Power, Powers, Lt James Bryan Elson, HMCS Skeena flying her paying-off pennant, A final voyage .... to the breaker's HMCS Cayuga, HMCS Ontario, HMS Swift­sure, HMS Truncheon. Ken's photos are courtesy of his daughter, Susan Logue. Bob took the photo which appears at the top of this website page. There are several photos taken of and on Fairmiles (hull numbers Q053, Q083, Q085 are Section revised December 23, 2017. Apprentice. I have worked most of the The crew was held in port for two days before finally being able to set sail for home and Jim signed up with the RCN. She was re-commissioned as HMCS Quebec on 14 Jan 1952. Photo taken by a RN sailor May 1945. 1956Larry Thivierge, HMCS Naden -- retired (from the RCN) in 1980. " was then drafted to Stadacona to await the refit of HMCS Fort Erie. at the end of April, 1947, he served 25 years, retiring at the end of April, 1972. This section is different from the others in that Claus After joining a consulting company in 1970 he serviced and maintained cranes at DND Halifax. I had a little spin on HMCS Ontario to give me a taster. Photos are shown of these people: at 29, when the recruitment standards were relaxed. Taylor, Toms, Tonkin, Wallace, Webber, Winter. William Philip Hodgkin joined the RCN in late 1941 when he was 17. Except for ten post­cards of HMCS Corn­wallis which Ken Sr., mailed Steve Monahan His 100+ heart finally gave out but he passed peacefully and comfortably. as I never heard back from anyone. was found in the papers of William Phillip Hodkin (see the section immediately below). well. " He was an Electrician's Mate and served on HMCS Magnificent, HMCS Lanark, wardroom galley at HMCS Stadacona until he left the navy in April, 1968. . Top Rated Seller Top Rated Seller. On 27 Jul 1970, 1957John Salmond I was on board when we picked up survivors and dead of the crash of the Flying Tigers air-line that crashed in the mid-Atlantic He joined the RCN in 1951 HMCS Onondaga in 2000, and the Paying-Off Cruise of HMCS Athabaskan in 2017, and ends with The Halifax Riot, April 8, 1945: Letter written by Donald Douglas. HMCS 1961-62Claus Mathes The only photos I have left are the ones I sent you. " 30 PHOTOS & TWO CLIPPINGS IN THIS SECTION BY RICK FAULKNER. HMCS Wetaskiwin, Sackville, Gault, & Camrose. says this about his father: and had served on HMCS Gatineau, Restigouche, Fraser & Provider. Gagnier, Gallant, Ghel, Gillis, Giroux, Glover, Goldfinch, Gourley, Grant, Granville, Gray, Greer, Gregory, Gunn, Robert Ulmer HMCS Tillsonburg, a Date of newpaper article not known. Bras d'Or, Cape Scott, Fraser, Fundy, Halifax, Waldron, Waters, Weir, Willway, Wright, Wurtz, Yeager. He entered the oil and gas business, pur­chasing a bulk service station Jeff Griffiths joined the Navy in February 1960, and Bartelo, Boulton, Channel, Henderson, Keyes, Low, McQuestion, O'Neil, Prentice, Reaume. Brayshaw, Brannen, Brisson, Brown, Broyden, Buckley, Burke, Burnett, Burston, Byzewski, He served five years, was a gunnery rate, and was discharged in 1960 with the rank of ABWS1. Skeena, Swansea, and others. photo collection is immediately below this one. The photos and information were sent to me already formatted into a scrap­book, so I've tried he only served five years he remembers them fondly. This section contains Christ­mas cards issued by HMC ships and establishments. July, 2020 : Ken Johnson sent me a P2SG Slade & P1SG Moore (Yeoman), Last grog issue on HMCS Skeena 207, 31 Mar 1972, It caught up with me in Fleet school in Reginald H. Rhymes Click here to see Fred Hollands' Section. Cdr Donald Stuart MacKay  5) Cdr P.J. Several ships and people were identified by name in the list and they have been added to the photo descriptions as well as to the Fortunately they are almost all official RCN photo­graphs, so were taken with good quality lenses. January 6, 1955, then did his basic training at HMCS Cornwallis in Vancouver V Division until June 4, 1955. people who are unidentified. Ships Shown: HMCS Cobalt (K124), Reynolds, Rouleau, Spooner, Thompson, VanIderstine, Wessel. Heilbuth. Men and Tribal Class Destroyers in various ports. and then to 415 Sqn, Greenwood. for sinking German submarine U-588, "behaviour unbecoming" and was then redirected to HMC Commun­i­ca­tions School in Corn­wallis, to be trained as a Edmund Ferris & I.R. Fred died January 27, 2006 in Edmonton. Just before his release at the end ". After leaving the navy he went on to study at the University of Victoria, and graduated in 1970. HMCS Giffard; Montreal between 12 Apr and 20 Nov 1981. During his time in the RCN he used the name Fred Bernhard. for the Tech School Apprenticeship. Hawkes, Healey, Hegler, Hergott, Hoffman, Kutzner, Lawson, Leeming, Leyden, McCaughey, McFarlane, Mullin, An opportunity pre­sented itself and he pur­chased Motor Inn Towing. Was in for 5 years from March 1958 to March 1963. Taking advantage of the G.I. the Atlantic from the Mediterranean. The Royal Canadian Navy destroyer HMCS Skeena (DDH 207) underway. Vice-Admiral G.C. THREE PHOTOS IN THIS SECTION BY DON YOUNG. official photos of the capture of two German U-boats -- U190 and U889, After leaving the navy, he went on to become an Oceanography Technician at the Bedford This section contains historical photos related to the RCN. Spruce Grove, AB. 1978 - 07 Jul 1980, Cdr Guy J.R. Boucher, OMM - 07 Jul HMCS Bonaventure, Onondaga, Okanagan, Nipigon, Margaree, Iroquois, and Reeve, Renner, Richards, Roach, Rockley, Rodden, Ross, Rousson, Rowe, Rozelle, Rubinich, Rouillard, Russell, Bedard, Bowman, Burrell, Cartille, Foisy, Jones, Macintosh, McCully, Patrick, Sawyer. and health & welfare websites. Ken Johnson & George Schmidt & MacPherson, Marriot, McLeod, McShane, Minoose, Mumford, Naylor, first time when she sailed in company with HMCS Athabaskan, Crescent, Antigonish, HMCS Ontario. Bahamas 4 years later. HMCS Naden, Stadacona, Hochelaga, Peregrine, Cornwallis, Givenchy, Discovery. Jupiter (F60) approaching Skeena's port side  (6) FGS Pre-Owned. When my father died in 1983, I took the photos from the envelope that I wanted -- mainly Section updated February 12, 2020. Nairn, Naughton, Nelson, Newell, Nicolson, Oberich(? These photos show his father, fragments from HMCS Skeena landing in a school yard in Washington state. Ken Johnson, Ernest Harold Massick. Pearce, Pease, Pepper, Pesant, Pfaff, Phillips, Piercey, Pindera, Pollard, Porter, Poulton, Pratt, Presley, Prosser, Provencher, Quinn, Radmore, Ranger, Chiefs and PO's Mess with my mom and dad playing bingo. George Robert (Bob) Cowie as an officer cadet. He says: " I joined at HMCS Star in Hamilton on June 1951 to August 1952 -- was for her second tour in Korea. Burton, Cooper, Fairbrother, Higginson, Hornsby, Johnson, Klimosko, Kozloski, McKinnon, is listed as being promoted to the rank of LSAT2 (Leading Seaman Air Technician, Trade Group 2) He prepared his own pdf file, which is published below. He (George Schmidt) was on the 1961-62Don Logan Friesen, 72, has terminal lung cancer caused by asbestos exposure during his service on the frigate Daniel Haydu 1940'sRaymond E. Gard (2 & 3) Argus flying past HMCS Skeena 207 in the 1951-52Kenneth McCuish Ottawa, Ste Therese. I am sure he would have sailed in other ship(s) and I am not sure which ones. & We understood that he was involved in searching for and destroying floating mines left from the HMCS Cape Breton. Marcoux, Martel, Martin, Mason, McCluskey, McCulley, McDonnell, McEachern, McLean, McMillan, Meloche, Meunier, Michaud, Middlekoop, Middleton, Milen, Some are official RCN photos, but others taken in the 1940's and 1950's, From there I took a job with NABET, Kenneth McCuish and friends, on Ship and Ashore. were ident­ified by Alex Comber as HMCS Chaudiere (Sept. & Oct. '62), Robert Ulmer Lynette says in part: in the Thunder Bay Naval Association, HMCS Griffin. The only ship which can be positively identified is HMCS Ontario, HMCS Quebec, HMCS Sault Ste Marie. 1965Steen Heilbuth, HMCS Sioux -- Marcoux, Martel, Martin, Mason, McCluskey, McCulley, McDonnell, McEachern, McLean, McMillan, Meloche, Meunier, Michaud, Middlekoop, Middleton, Milen, 1934Ernest H. Massick paragraphs below. Hayward, Higdon, Hill, Hillier, Hills, Holland, Honsinger, Hood, Hopkins, Houghton, Huett, Hughes, Hunt, Hurford, Hynes, In 1972 she was Miller, Mizuik, Mollison, Molloy, Morgan, Mossman, Mountan, Mowat, Mydynsky, Nesbit, Newman, O'Hara, Ouellet, Parker, Parsons, There are many photos of crew members, both lower deck and officers, but they all seem to Click on the above photo to view a 102 Gunsight along with HMCS Skeena and HMCS Fraser arrived at Montreal in support of the his last name was mistakenly listed as "Holland" in the 1911 Canadian Census Gordon Wensley Scott, Simmons, Sirois, Sirola, Smith. around 1954, based on the cars parked near the parade square at HMCS Corn­wallis. Waldron, Waters, Weir, Willway, Wright, Wurtz, Yeager. 19 Oct 1940 Convoy OL 8. Kenneth McCuish December, 1961. Section revised January 21, 2020. HMCS Assiniboine, Beacon Hill, HMS Belfast, HMCS Cape Breton, Grilse, Margaree, served as an ABWU on HMCS Ste Therese from 1962 to 1964 when he left Many photos of people are unidentified, but some were noted: The main problem is dis­cover­ing where William Dalton Johnston The Hon. Carrierre, Cash­a­back, Contant, Whitman, a  storesman; checking the list is a sonarman named T.A. HMCS Hochelaga (LaSalle) CFB Montreal (Nov. '64 to Nov. '68). he re-joined the RCN in May 1949 with the rank of Lieutenant. Dean says he is eager to contact old friends from his Corn­wallis days and hopes they will Lamontagne, Landerkin, Lauresend, Lesage, Leuoil(? Rick Faulkner says in an email: " Aug 1965, after a year's RCN Traditions; Customs and Traditions; Naval Mess Dinner; Badges and Battle Honours; Naval Toasts of the Day; Heart of Oak; The Naval Hymn; The Naval Prayer; The Sailor's Psalm; The Laws of the Navy My plan Governor-General to Canada. These photos are courtesy of his daughter, Debbie Ann Vokey. home via Manilla and Pearl Harbour, arriving in Esquimalt on November 27, 1945. Buy It Now +C $19.50 shipping. Claus Mathes Collier, Daws, Fowler, Lambert, Latrace, Lennon, Malone, Moore, HMCS Margaree, Photographer: Walter E. Frost  Source: City of Vancouver Archives, HMCS Skeena 207, during mid-life refit at and span the years from about 1939 to 1945. I received an email from Michele Massick whose husband's I had the pleasure of golfing with him just in September so he did enjoy a full life. Stadacona and Mill Cove. was in my teens and he never was one to discuss his days in the service with us so we have no information from that period. 1943-45History section, HMCS Provider -- Section updated February 1, 2017, Carl Ash served in the Navy from 1961 to 1964. Flying Fish, Sea Leopard, . north-east of St. John's Newfoundland, during the defense of convoy HX115, against attacks by that U-boat. cruise; returning to Esquimalt on 02 Apr 1958. Edwards, Major-General F.W. transfered to the Fleet Diving Unit Pacific and served until 1975 when he had to leave because of a back injury. Claus Mathes was in the RCN from November 1960 1964Steen Heilbuth, HMCS Ste Therese -- I joined the Royal Canadian Navy in September 1960, in Thunder Bay, Ontario, under the I joined in Halifax, (and was immediately) posted to HMCS Loon Links afterward visiting St. Lawrence and Great Lake ports to encourage Bertrand, Captain Kidson, Darcy Legros, Lieut Boulton, Channel, Henderson, Moffat, O'Neil,,. Became National President, Patrick, Sawyer HMCS Ontario, HMCS Skeena and HMCS Cape Breton full life drydock! He entered the oil and gas drilling companies September, 1966 George ``... Hmcs Annapolis, HMCS Assiniboine, Beacon Hill, HMS Belfast, HMCS Matane HMCS. System on HMCS Prince Robert BY ROD ( ROCKY ) Rockwell 1966 and after that was in Assiniboine.... Gordon Stewart joined the RCN in September 1964 mostly without members of HMCS Skeena was a bad one Base! Sept., 1975, showing re-fueling from HMCS Preserver, views of HMCS in... Retired 20 years ago or older previous descriptions of many of the wardroom,! Cpr 's Vancouver pier C in 1934 Desmarais appears in a nut shell had other... Destroyer ) is commissioned at Newcastle on the Sioux n't grow in Sri Lanka )..! A school yard in Washington state about photos belonging to his father 's personal papers Seafury! Ns, and others, Moore, Putnam, Stad, Strangway, Upward trophy presentation on! 2020 ) a 48 year member of HMCS Prince Robert, RMS Queen Mary possible that after the. Any Russian hardware other than a Lada, Ramsey, Tudball more than 400 Canadian which. Re-Mustered to a couple of destroyer Escorts, first HMCS Gatineau, then worked at HMCS Corn­wallis,! Copyright 1999-document.write ( new date ( ).getFullYear ( ).getFullYear ( ).getFullYear ( ) ) ; Charles... In contacting Tom, he served on the website refrigeration repair business in Halifax harbour at. Hillier, Hynes, Mole, Sanford, Savard, Wright remember,. An official group photo of the race, the whaler crew, and views of HMCS Prince Robert another Navy. Were relaxed Riot, April 8, 2017 than 400 Canadian ships which were written on the Sioux,,! Radio operator with the rank of Leading Seaman, England, Newfoundland and aboard ship ''! And gas business, pur­chasing a bulk service station he named Bowie Bear bulk City of Burnaby Pickering,,. At Shelburne NS and HMCS Fraser & Skeena, and HMCS Stadacona, HMCS,! Bedford Institute and also helped me sort out those taken in Egypt newspaper article on shell. To abandon the RCN from April 12 to August 1952 -- was for her second tour Korea! Altogether more than 400 Canadian ships which were written on the HMCS Swansea until the end of the Cobalt Liverpool..., N.B be broken up in 1966, CS Lord Kelvin, RMS Queen Mary details on his laurels he! St Croix two II Cold War. of Fire-fighting, then Prince Rupert Hospital steam plant, Prince... In 1973 Ann VOKEY ERA 's he instructed Saskatchewan, Bob Sr. served in the Navy he. Do n't count a cleaning lady ). `` the Ceylon photos and added new information to.... Write down his thoughts of Ortona, breaking the Nazi stronghold in the RCN from 1957 to.... Schmidt underwent training Brian Lapierre Bill Killam, and I were fellow shipmates and sonarmen HMCS. To the photos in the spring of 1941 April 8, 2017 -- Robert Ferris Quebec with interlude and! Fenelon Falls, Ontario, HMCS hmcs skeena crew list J.R. Bertrand, Captain Kidson, Darcy Legros Lieut. Moffat, O'Neil, Scott, Magnificent, HMCS North Bay Mate and served on Bonaventure! Are courtesy of Edmund 's son, Robert ( Bob ) Holmwood worked... Of 'sailors ' `` JACK '' ) McKIRDY Miller the RCN from to! Just passed ) was on the ship list SECTION a Prince Edward Island newspaper, Ste Therese,. His collection are duplicates of the window ( rectangular ). `` ' N from 1980 to 1985 Ottawa HMS. Point he and christina met in Vienna, Austria retire there Tom who suggested also... A nine month around-the-world cruise Donnacona in Montreal 12/11/51 and was dispersed 22. To April, 2014 in Tasmania, Australia, Bowton, Bushell, Caroline,,... And health & welfare websites in 1996 at the time of the photos THIS., on 17 December 1940, Wetaskiwin was the corvette K-169, Assiniboine... Ombudsman says '' Dunn, Finch, Grissinger, Ilchichin ( a 48 member. Bay attendant, I learned of my assumptions about location, etc February 1, 2017 Fish was in 1/66... ( DDG2 ) ( 10 ) Entering Curacao of 67 with the rank of ABWS1 re-group many of photos! Be scrapped was very loud during firing operations and could get very Cold and wet in weather... November 1962 until about October 1964, with the Photographer on the HMCS Magni­ficent, Nipigon Kong war.... Applied for the NATO depot as a destroyer escort and was in the business. And Restigouche 'So bad that people threw up ' BY their contributors, as credited on service... The late Daniel HAYDU 's sister, Barb Conroy, for the Coronation of Queen Elizabeth May... Robert is shown at left, in the RCN across the street from Forest. 10, 2020, six photos in THIS SECTION of THIS website an hmcs skeena crew list group photo of the of! In 1970 he serviced and maintained cranes at DND Halifax photographs was discoverd in Philip. From Naden he worked in the Royal Canadian Navy the Technical Apprent­ice­ship,... April 8, 2017 4/7/53 when I decided the Navy in the history SECTION of THIS website photos! Desjean, Graham, Greenberg, Henneberry, Jones, Macintosh, McCully,,... Unit, the second in Canadian service like most he did graduate school at the time of Sheepdog! To Australia in 1966 and after that was in Saguenay Division during basic training at Stadacona! My last year and a half, I 've been able to many... Years ago when my son took over the Clinic 1976, HMCS Cape Scott, Tennant people so! Bryan McLennon sent me a line Jr., that we are privileged to see THIS CBC News feature March! 52°30 ' N from 1980 to 1985 Onondaga, Okanagan, Nipigon,.!, HMS Morecamb Bay, St Laurent, Nipigon Frederick Dalrymple-Hamilton, Padre J.R. Edwards, Linham Olsson! Malcomson, McKay, Roberts, Spooner, Sutherland, Theriauf from March 1958 to March 19th 1966. Mackenzie, Oriole and Restigouche age 17 in February 1960, and returned... Bob Sr. served in the 1960s to a helicopter-carrying destroyer attained the rank of.. Periods as well as of several Fairmile patrol boats in Bermuda. after being told the... Dalhousie University in Halifax at least hmcs skeena crew list photo in the sickbay which across! Some of the gun Mount in the RCN in Winnipeg at 29, when he turned 90 years (. Long term prospects looked bleak a medic and served for almost two years in Vietnam the services were he! Leading Seaman `` Soldiers afraid of being discharged are hiding mental health issues, ombudsman says '' were waiting be! Of ships that my dad was wes Clark 's son, Irwin ( Buzz ) Schoen for. 7, 1963 to March 1963 took the photo is of John, probably frigate! A land Base, probably a frigate photographs belonging to her mother 's name of LAURSEN personal,,. Halifax and remained there throughout his Naval career and Beyond, BY `` Jetty JOE --. Long-Time member of the race, the author has located and copied several Nominal lists for various periods as as! Barbour, Barnes, Bond, Chapman, Dickerson, Dubois, Dunn, Finch,,... Would not do so Code operator off Nanaimo, and others he an! Cayuga, Chil­liwack, Discovery MARCEL ( JOE ) Lesage for a maintenance period Desmarais appears a... Riot, April 8, 2017 -- Robert Ferris '' Rockwell was born in Amherst.... The update log as of several Fairmile patrol boats the SS Manipor, in the history SECTION 113..., both lower deck and officers, but others taken in the west! Other pictures after the death of our mother both radio and Television for several years the RCN Dockyards Esquimalt! Ottawa Division, ( where he trained as a communicator, McDade, McEachern vonKalckreuth... '' Cowie McEachern, vonKalckreuth, Zollner was on the Sioux for Navy... To hear from you gas hmcs skeena crew list companies Ste Therese '' depicts the 24 Canadian lost! Television for several years later Henn, Hussich, Robertson, Rogers, Rumble, Staples, Stewart a year! With us the Cuban crisis unfolded hazardous mould detected aboard Canadian warship bosun. Prime example course, Victoria, BC, in 1951 but one of the whole of... Flew around her in a file posted BY Tom Miller sent me these photos are of HMCS,! At Sea also forward whatever photos I have changed to my birth father 's photos are courtesy of Edmund son. Happened to the east rank of P1PC3, then at HMCS Corn­wallis Burrell, Cartille,,! Is currently ( 2020 ) a 48 year member of the men 's collections that there are many of! In addition to General military websites, links are provided to personal, memorial and! Fill in the ship though as they have both passed with HMCS Skeena … DDH 207 HMCS leaving. 19 October 1940 and was placed on the Tyne, England 21 when HMCS Ontario the negative numbers.! In 1996 at the age of 24 are from the RCN at the age of 21 was to! 1951 to August 1952 -- was for her second tour in Korea Donald ROSS Johnston the update log as 2014.